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Financial sector strategy

Financial sector strategy


Genesis offers a wealth of experience in providing strategy support to financial services players, with two decades of experience and over 600 successfully completed projects in Africa and the Middle East.

Our clients are diverse. We assist governments and government agencies in developing long-term strategies aimed at economic development and advise donors in developing their initiatives to better reach their targeted segments.



    Strategy update to take Pan-African bank to 2020

    Following on a previous project to develop medium-term strategy for a major Pan-African financial services institution based in Botswana, Genesis was recommissioned to evaluate the bank’s progress and develop a strategy to take it through to 2020.  


    Finding a channel sweet spot for a Nigerian bank

    Genesis was commissioned by a Nigerian bank to conduct a channel optimisation study, which involved an analysis of 65 million transactions across the bank’s customer base. This took into account global trends in channel usage, cost and best-practice channel optimisation, and considered the relevance of these international trends within the context of the Nigerian market. 


    Genesis strategises transition to a full-service bank

    Genesis was commissioned by a Ghanaian finance house to develop a financial model that could be used to inform its transition from a non-bank financial institution into a full-service bank, while remaining aligned with its strategic objectives. 


    Namibian bank revamps their offering to new segments

    Genesis Analytics was commissioned by a large Pan-African bank operating in Namibia to assist in the development of its new student, young professional and staff value propositions.


    Strategy to align bank's business units

    Genesis Analytics was retained by a Pan-African bank operating in Namibia to align its strategy and strategic execution plans across its business units and management teams.


    Digital strategy for large global card scheme in South Africa

    Genesis Analytics was commissioned by a large international card scheme to analyse and develop a strategy to position the scheme in the South African digital payments market.


    Strategy for financial inclusion unit of Ghanaian bank

    Our assignment was to assist a leading Ghanaian bank's Financial Inclusion Unit (FIU) to deliver on its overarching goal of having five million active accounts by 2018, and to identify ‘capability’ gaps that could potentially be supported by FSD Africa. The analysis involved a market opportunity analysis and internal capability assessment.


    Navigating increasing competition for large South African retail bank

    A large South African retail bank commissioned Genesis to redefine their growth strategy for transactional products - focusing on how to grow transactional revenue.


    Design thinking for innovative bank products in Tanzania

    Genesis was contracted to support FinSights Lab, an innovation initiative enabling solutions for financial services institutions to enhance financial inclusion, in supporting a large Tanzanian bank to develop new products and services for the mass market.

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