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Communications and broadcasting

Communications and broadcasting


We work with governments and regulators to cut through the complexities of digital markets and ensure that digital policy and regulation are fit for purpose, striking the optimal balance between intervention and innovation. Our work includes all aspects of governance and economic regulation including competition, digital rights, data protection and privacy, consumer protection, e-commerce, economic structure and digital trade.



    Icasa employs Genesis to sharpen SA telecoms competition

    Genesis Analytics has been retained by ICASA to assist with their Priority Market Study to identify telecommunications key markets that are not characterised by effective competition and may require regulatory intervention to ensure that the goals of the National Development Plan can be met.


    Expert testimony in seminal media predatory pricing case

    Genesis was retained by Media24, a large newspaper and magazine publisher, to defend predatory pricing allegations made against the group by the Competition Commission in what has proven to be South Africa’s seminal predation case.


    Financial model sets new mobile termination rates

    ‘Termination rates’ are the prices telecommunications operators pay each other to terminate calls originating on each other’s networks (for example, when an MTN customer calls a Vodacom customer, MTN pays a termination fee to Vodacom). For a variety of pro-competitive reasons, regulators around the world set these rates equal to the costs operators incur to provide termination services to each other.


    Creative content can drive more inclusive supply chain

    Genesis was asked by a pan-African television and media company to design a more inclusive supply-chain strategy. This request came at a time of major disruption in the TV industry: entry of new competitors like Netflix, new platforms like internet and mobile TV, new technology like AI, and rapidly changing consumer habits.


    Assessment of damages in R1-billion claim

    Genesis provided an independent assessment of the appropriate damages quantum following the repudiation of an agreement between two large South African companies in the communications sector. The analysis was performed on behalf of the defendant in a claim that exceeded R1-billion.


    Telkom series of abuse of dominance cases

    Genesis was specifically selected by the Competition Commission of South Africa to provide expert reports and testimony in the prosecution of a series of abuse of dominance cases brought against the fixed-line incumbent, Telkom.


    Expert advice in contested Media24 print merger

    Genesis was retained to assess the effects of the proposed move from joint to sole control of the Natal Witness publishing group by Media24, which had evoked substantial opposition from other media groups involved in community newspaper publishing. 


    Expert advice on Vodacom-Neotel merger

    Genesis was contracted by the Competition Commission of South Africa as expert economic advisers in the assessment of a proposed merger between Vodacom South Africa, the largest mobile network operator in the country, and Neotel, the country’s second national fixed-line operator.


    Genesis assists in court defense of telecom regulations

    Further to work Genesis had done in developing ICASA's 2014 termination rate regulations, the firm was commissioned to play a central role in defending those regulations against a subsequent High Court challenge.

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Related Focus Areas

    Photographer, Johnny Miller

    Shared value and impact

    A revolution is taking place in business. In the Shared Value and Impact practice our purpose is to reshape capitalism to serve the world. We put flourishing societies and ecosystems at the centre of the economy, not as afterthoughts.

    We regard the company as the most powerful economic engine ever invented - and when companies start to think beyond narrow shareholder value to the creation of impact, they can also become potent drivers of development, social progress, inclusion and sustainability.


    Applied behavioural economics

    Behavioural economics is a powerful field that combines economics and psychology to influence behaviour and improve decision-making for the better through low-cost, high-impact, easy-to-implement interventions. Genesis Analytics created the first team of consultants in Africa in 2014 to use a scientific understanding of human behaviour to solve practical problems in the world of business.


    Competition economics

    As the leading provider of competition economics services in Africa, Genesis Analytics has an unmatched breadth and depth of skills and experience. Blue-chip companies across Africa routinely rely on us for expert advice and support when they interact with competition authorities. We also work extensively with regulators and competition authorities, giving us a position of trust based on a strong reputation for providing robust and independent expert economic views.

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