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The energy sector has become a source of significant policy and regulatory focus in countries across Africa. Energy security and reliability – and in some cases failed energy reform – represent important challenges for economic growth and development. 

This includes South Africa where the energy crisis has required careful policy review to determine the optimal long-term market structure across diverse sources of energy, as well as short-term remedies to resolve more immediate challenges.



    Charting a new course for failing state-owned enterprises

    Genesis worked with the National Planning Commission, a nucleus government advisory agency, to assess state-owned enterprises' performance and contribution to achieving the National Development Plan’s Vision 2030 of economic transformation and inclusive growth.


    Impact assessment of price on Eskom electricity consumption

    The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) appointed Genesis to assess and understand the economic impact of Eskom’s MYPD4 Application, and assess the price elasticity of demand for electricity for the utility's direct and municipal customers.


    Going off the grid with Small-Scale Embedded Generation

    Genesis Analytics was commissioned by the German Development Cooperation (GiZ) to undertake a market impact assessment for Small-Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG), including the development of a state of play assessment and a range of policy options for government.


    Impact of small-scale power generation on municipal revenues

    Genesis used its sector expertise to develop a customisable spreadsheet-based model and guidelines to quantify the revenue impact of small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) on municipal revenues and assist municipalities in their design of sustainable SSEG tariffs.


    Review of plan to grow skills in energy sector

    Genesis Analytics was contracted by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to conduct a programme evaluation of the relevance, effectiveness, expected impact and long-term sustainability of the Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (SEED) programme, which is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and Virgin Unite.


    Genesis reviews SA's energy future through to 2050

    Genesis was commissioned by a civil society organisation to review and comment on the South African government’s long-term energy planning documents, which were published in late 2016. 


    Genesis develops five-year plan to electrify rural Lesotho

    Genesis Analytics has developed a five-year plan to restructure Lesotho’s regulatory arrangements to extend electrification to rural areas in Lesotho.


    Pricing models for liquid-fuel price regulation in Zimbabwe

    Genesis assisted the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority to develop pricing models for the regulation of liquid fuels in Zimbabwe. 

    The liquid fuels include petrol and blended petrol, diesel, aviation fuel, biofuel (ethanol) and LPG.


    Genesis benchmarks Kenya's tariffs for price application

    Genesis was retained by an African energy company to compare the retail base electricity tariffs in Kenya to those of other selected countries in the context of a price application to the Energy Regulator.

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