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Financial market policy

Financial market policy


At Genesis, we have built considerable expertise in the financial services policy space, spanning a variety of facets, including economic developments, fintech, banking and capital markets.

Our work with donors and public sector players has involved supporting policy interventions to further their goals across Africa.



    Review of a self-regulatory financial market model in South Africa

    Genesis was commissioned by the National Treasury to conduct a technical review of the effectiveness of the SRO (self-regulatory organisation) model in South African financial markets in the context of the move toward a Twin Peaks regulatory framework.


    Developing five-year plan for Kenya's Capital Markets Authority

    Genesis Analytics and Bourse Consult were jointly contracted to develop a five-year strategic plan for the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya that would enable the regulator to support economic development and empowerment.


    Impact assessment of the JSE in South Africa

    Facing public pressure on its role in society, the JSE commissioned Genesis to conduct a socio-economic impact assessment of the exchange's role in the South African economy.


    Expert economic evidence green lights JSE’s acquisition of Link Market Services

    Genesis was appointed by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to provide an expert economic report and testimony in the JSE’s acquisition of share registry business Link Market Services South Africa (Link SA).


    Building a cost-allocation model for the JSE

    The Market Regulation Division of the JSE appointed Genesis Analytics to develop a cost-allocation model that defines its cost of regulating each of the JSE's markets. 


    Expert advice in JSE merger with Bond Exchange

    Genesis was commissioned to provide expert economic advice and analysis in a pivotal transaction between the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the primary capital market in South Africa, and the Bond Exchange of South Africa (BESA).


    Developing a 10-year capital markets development master plan for Zambia

    Genesis and Bourse Consult jointly partnered with FSD Africa to develop a 10-year capital markets development master plan for Zambia.


    Designing a Private Securities Market alongside the Central Bank of Congo

    Genesis and its partner Bourse Consult were commissioned by Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Africa to support the Central Bank of Congo (BCC) in DRC to understand the demand for an opportunity to establish a private securities market in the country.


    Evaluation of programme of develop secure bond markets

    Genesis was appointed by the IFC to conduct an end-of-programme evaluation of the Efficient Securities Markets Institutional Development (ESMID) programme, a joint IFC and World Bank programme.

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