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Genesis strategises transition to a full-service bank

Genesis was commissioned by a Ghanaian finance house to develop a financial model that could be used to inform its transition from a non-bank financial institution into a full-service bank, while remaining aligned with its strategic objectives.

The model-building process involved a full assessment of the institution’s balance sheet and operational costs in order to determine unit costs and develop achievable forecasts aligned with economic realities.

The model enabled the project team to track changes in the balance sheet and income statement based on the acquisition of varying customer segments, the deployment of different types of branches, and the tailoring of the terms and interest rates charged on deposits and loans. The model will also enable the institution to track its progress at monthly intervals right up to 2020.

Prior to this, Genesis was commissioned by the finance house to conduct an opportunity analysis based on its preferred target market and to develop a strategy providing for its transition into a bank.

After undertaking this comprehensive market analysis, the project team developed a bespoke strategy for the client, outlining the key strategic steps necessary to deliver on its objectives. The team also highlighted the capabilities that would be required in order to fulfil the strategy.

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