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Our purpose

We unlock value with our clients by realising solutions and not just providing insights.

The term 'unlocking value' has a specific meaning at Genesis. It refers to our aspiration to map out a path to value for our clients and for society that was not apparent prior to our work. The value opportunity unlocked in this way must be measurable, and the solution given needs to comprehensively address all the challenges related to realising that value. Every project at Genesis is assessed according to this standard.

The foundation of our distinctive delivery are the technical skills and deep sector knowledge we have developed through our work in the area between the market and the state.

When a project unlocks value, we celebrate it. It remains our goal in all our focus areas. Here are some instances where we believe our work has unlocked value.

Unlocking Value in 2020

Every year Genesis runs a competition called Unlocking Value where the staff gets to show case some of our best work over the previous 18 months. These are some of the winners in 2020.

Unlocking value projects


    Charting a new course for failing state-owned enterprises

    Genesis worked with the National Planning Commission, a nucleus government advisory agency, to assess state-owned enterprises' performance and contribution to achieving the National Development Plan’s Vision 2030 of economic transformation and inclusive growth.


    Cloud-based solutions could reduce banking costs in Africa

    Genesis Analytics and Orange Business Services (OBS), with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, published a research report on Cloud Banking in Africa: The Regulatory Opportunity, which explores the potential for cloud computing to reduce the cost of technology for banks.


    Expert economic evidence green lights JSE’s acquisition of Link Market Services

    Genesis was appointed by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to provide an expert economic report and testimony in the JSE’s acquisition of share registry business Link Market Services South Africa (Link SA).


    Exiting a lockdown: A balancing act of lives and livelihoods

    A public-private convening body asked Genesis for advisory work to support Presidential decision-making in South Africa on how to unlock the economy responsibly – which parts, which sectors, how to balance lives with livelihoods?


    Unlocking lower-cost housing opens up $1.5-billion market

    Land reform is the most pressing and emotional political issue in South Africa. Genesis Analytics was approached by a banking client to design a solution to support urban land reform and the transformation of urban housing markets.


    Assessing economics of R5.5b pelagic fishery as rights expire

    Africa’s largest fishing company approached Genesis to produce an independent economic report on the underlying economics of the pelagic industry to provide a sound basis for meaningful engagement between the industry and Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, and ultimately assist informed decision making with respect to the fishing rights allocation process.


    Insights into changing nature of work for young Africans

    Genesis was contracted by the Mastercard Foundation to perform audience-needs research for a new initiative to improve the availability of insights relating to the changing nature of work for young Africans in the coming 10-15 years.


    Strengthening HIV prevention through facilitated South-to-South learning 

    Genesis, in partnership with the University of Manitoba, is supporting the Global HIV Prevention Coalition (GPC) to establish and strengthen shared learning of best practice among 10 African countries heavily burdened by HIV. This is facilitated through the South-South Learning Network (SSLN), a GPC initiative.


    A winning strategy for deepening financial markets in Uganda

    Genesis Analytics have been working with Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Trusts on a number of projects. FDS commissioned Genesis first to re-invigorate their approach to facilitating financial-sector deepening in Uganda. We then helped FSDU develop a refreshed strategy for the next three years and then assisted them with a critical part of strategy execution related to fundraising.


    Creating better opportunities for young people with 4IR

    Genesis has partnered with UNICEF in Rwanda, South Africa, Oman and Qatar to conduct a foundational landscape analysis that informs the development of the country investment agenda for young people in each country.


    Raising the drinking age to 21: Pros and cons

    The National Economic and Development Labour Council (Nedlac) commissioned Genesis Analytics to conduct an urgent independent study on the likely economic, health and social impacts of some of the amendments proposed in the Liquor Amendment Bill, 2017.


    Comprehensive strategy to improve Primary Healthcare in SA

    Genesis was contracted to assist Population Services International (PSI) and Society for Family Health (SFH) to develop PSI’s South Africa strategy.

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