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Digital financial services

Digital financial services


At Genesis we provide digital strategy support and advice to our clients looking to embark on a transformation journey, enter new markets with a digital proposition, or optimise their existing strategy through better use of digital analytics.

We have a broad understanding of fintech innovation and keep abreast of developments across the financial service core competencies. These include payments, lending, deposit taking, investments, and wealth management and capital markets.

We have advised a number of financial institutions on their digital transformation journeys and have contributed to how policymakers can support and enable innovation that promotes improved access to finance while protecting consumers and ensuring the stability of the financial services sector.



    Online portal to size and engage with fintech entrepreneurs in SA

    The National Treasury, in partnership with the World Bank, commissioned Genesis to conduct the first full market diagnostic and sizing of the local fintech sector in South Africa.


    Strategy for mobile-wallet partnership opportunities in Africa

    Genesis Analytics was commissioned by a global card association to conduct a mobile-wallet partnership opportunity assessment across five countries, Ghana, Senegal, Madagascar, Cote d’Ivoire and Mauritius. This entailed assessing and mapping the payment landscape in each country and identifying key payment opportunities in the mobile money, card and digital payments space.


    Helping South African bank to keep up with digital innovation

    Genesis engaged with a large South African bank to create and maintain a market insights capability that would enable it to develop internal points of view on developments in the payments sector, allowing the bank to respond with appropriate short-term and medium-term strategies.


    Building model for a branchless retail bank

    Genesis partnered with an existing specialist bank in South Africa to design a cashless operating model for their proposed retail operations with all the convenience of digital channels.


    Balancing innovation with regulation to grow SA financial services

    Genesis partnered with the Centre of Excellence in Financial Services to understand which policy and regulatory approaches best suit the South African financial sector in managing the balancing act of preserving the country's sound financial system, while enabling fintech innovation that promotes improved access to finance and growth in the sector.


    Genesis looks for drivers of innovation ecosystem in SADC region

    Genesis was contracted by FinMark Trust and the Insights 2 Impact (i2i) Facility to conduct an innovation scoping study for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to identify the drivers of innovation ecosystem development and opportunities to enhance the innovation ecosystem in the SADC.


    Mid-term review of largest UN project in digital finance

    Genesis was contracted to conduct a mid-term evaluation of Mobile Money for the Poor (MM4P), the largest of the UNCDF’s programmes in digital finance. The evaluation was based on a theory-based approach and used the OECD DAC criteria as its guiding framework.


    Cloud-based solutions could reduce banking costs in Africa

    Genesis Analytics and Orange Business Services (OBS), with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, published a research report on Cloud Banking in Africa: The Regulatory Opportunity, which explores the potential for cloud computing to reduce the cost of technology for banks.


    Unpacking gig opportunities for unemployed Kenyan youth

    Genesis partnered with Mercy Corps Youth Impact Labs (YIL) Kenya to undertake a study that unpacks the potential that the gig economy has in solving Kenya’s unemployment challenge.

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