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Digital economy

Digital economy


Our digital economy team at Genesis focuses on technology innovation and the opportunities it provides for improving the development potential of African nations. Our work is focused on supporting African governments, their development partners and private firms in forging new tech-enabled pathways to inclusive growth.



    Data intelligence tool to track risk of covid overwhelming healthcare systems

    At the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in South Africa, Genesis Analytics developed a useful tool for looking at and understanding the impact of the epidemic on the healthcare system.


    Genesis supports Uganda with strategy to capitalise on 4IR to drive growth

    Genesis is providing technical support to Uganda's Presidential Taskforce on the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) to formulate a national 4IR strategy to guide the country on areas where 4IR technology can be domesticated to achieve development objectives.


    Genesis looks for drivers of innovation ecosystem in SADC region

    Genesis was contracted by FinMark Trust and the Insights 2 Impact (i2i) Facility to conduct an innovation scoping study for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to identify the drivers of innovation ecosystem development and opportunities to enhance the innovation ecosystem in the SADC.


    Insights into changing nature of work for young Africans

    Genesis was contracted by the Mastercard Foundation to perform audience-needs research for a new initiative to improve the availability of insights relating to the changing nature of work for young Africans in the coming 10-15 years.


    Unpacking gig opportunities for unemployed Kenyan youth

    Genesis partnered with Mercy Corps Youth Impact Labs (YIL) Kenya to undertake a study that unpacks the potential that the gig economy has in solving Kenya’s unemployment challenge.


    First comprehensive mapping of South African fintechs for national treasury

    To enable the growth of the fintech sector while minimising risk and protecting consumers, the National Treasury, in partnership with The World Bank Group, commissioned Genesis to conduct the first full market diagnostic and sizing of the local fintech sector.


    Setting the baseline study for global digital development

    Description Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), an independent organisation established to engage and resolve barriers associated with integrating digital development and data in developing and emerging nations, engaged Genesis to undertake a global baseline study.


    Balancing innovation with regulation to grow SA financial services

    Genesis partnered with the Centre of Excellence in Financial Services to understand which policy and regulatory approaches best suit the South African financial sector in managing the balancing act of preserving the country's sound financial system, while enabling fintech innovation that promotes improved access to finance and growth in the sector.


    Rockefeller looks to new digital skills for Africa's youth

    Genesis was awarded a two-year grant by The Rockefeller Foundation to serve as monitoring and evaluation (M&E) partner to their Digital Jobs Africa (DJA) initiative, which was set up in response to the challenge of widespread youth unemployment in Africa.

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Related Focus Areas


    Africa's Youth

    Africa is experiencing an unprecedented youth wave. Today, Africa has twice as many 15-year-olds as 35-year-olds. This ratio is likely to increase. From 193 million young people aged 15-24 in 2015, the number will grow to 295 million by 2035, and to 362 million by 2050.


    Agriculture and agribusiness

    Africa’s agricultural sector is critical to sustainable economic development. Recognising the important role which agriculture plays in supporting economic opportunities, in particular for rural communities, the essential role of the sector for food security, and linkages with poverty alleviation, Genesis works at the public-private interface for government, donor, philanthropic and private sector clients, and in fruit, vegetable, cash and staple crop value chains across Sub-Saharan Africa.


    Applied behavioural economics

    Behavioural economics is a powerful field that combines economics and psychology to influence behaviour and improve decision-making for the better through low-cost, high-impact, easy-to-implement interventions. Genesis Analytics created the first team of consultants in Africa in 2014 to use a scientific understanding of human behaviour to solve practical problems in the world of business.


    Communications and broadcasting

    We work with governments and regulators to cut through the complexities of digital markets and ensure that digital policy and regulation are fit for purpose, striking the optimal balance between intervention and innovation. Our work includes all aspects of governance and economic regulation including competition, digital rights, data protection and privacy, consumer protection, e-commerce, economic structure and digital trade.


    Competition and regulatory economics

    As the leading provider of competition and regulatory economics services in Africa, Genesis has an unmatched breadth and depth of skills and experience. Blue-chip companies, regulators and competition authorities across Africa routinely rely on us for expert economics advice and input.

    We have worked on most major competition and regulatory matters in South Africa and we have been involved in key matters across multiple other African countries including Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


    Digital financial services

    At Genesis we provide digital strategy support and advice to our clients looking to embark on a transformation journey, enter new markets with a digital proposition, or optimise their existing strategy through better use of digital analytics.

    We have a broad understanding of fintech innovation and keep abreast of developments across the financial service core competencies. These include payments, lending, deposit taking, investments, and wealth management and capital markets.

    We have advised a number of financial institutions on their digital transformation journeys and have contributed to how policymakers can support and enable innovation that promotes improved access to finance while protecting consumers and ensuring the stability of the financial services sector.


    Economic opportunity

    Expanding access to economic opportunity is essential for improving lives and livelihoods, generating jobs and creating wealth. The private sector plays a leading role in delivering economic growth and is increasingly expected to do so in a way that is inclusive and sustainable.

    There are a number of ways in which businesses, foundations, governments and development organisations work to support private sector development. These include developing inclusive market systems; supporting the creation of quality jobs; developing value chains and access to markets for businesses; development of the financial sector and supporting access to finance; MSME development; capital markets development; and overall business enabling environment.



    We work with our clients to develop solutions aimed at improving the health of populations throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Our region faces the challenges of the quadruple burden of disease, which includes both communicable and non-communicable diseases, as well as violence and injury. 

    Coupled with this are relatively weak health systems, heavy reliance on donor funding and inequitable public and private sectors. Within this context, we provide experts with decades of experience in the design, implementation, costing and evaluation of health programmes, and strengthening of sustainable health systems.

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