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Financial risk management

Financial risk management


Risk management is a topic that has taken on greater importance in light of the increased complexity surrounding financial markets and the banking sector. As a result, establishing appropriate risk-management processes to identify, understand and manage risk are a priority for financial institutions.

Genesis offers highly experienced risk-management professionals, who have decades of experience of working in and consulting to the financial sector. We offer our risk-management advisory services to financial institutions, including commercial banks, central banks, development finance institutions, stock exchanges and non-bank financial institutions, covering an array of risk categories.



    Independent review of a Treasury Operating Model

    Genesis performed a detailed risk analysis on internal processes, policies, documentation and reporting relevant to the treasury operations of a major East African multinational development finance institution (DFI).


    Bank implements integrated stress testing, forecasting model

    Genesis was commissioned to build a fully integrated stress testing and forecasting model for a major bank in Malawi.


    Validation of the assessment of SAFCOM

    The Financial Services Board (FSB) appointed Genesis Analytics, working in conjunction with Bourse Consult, to validate its assessment of the Safex Clearing Company (Pty) Ltd (SAFCOM, now JSE Clear). This was conducted in terms of the CPSS-IOSCO Principles for Financial Markets Infrastructures (PFMIs).


    Review of risk management processes for tier-2 bank

    Genesis was commissioned by a tier-2 South African bank to review its current risk management processes and perform a gap analysis against best practices. The review covered ALM/Market risk, liquidity and credit risk.


    Stress-testing submission to Bank of England

    Genesis assisted with the co-ordination and production of the stress-testing submission of a big four South African bank to the Bank of England.


    Risk framework for Botswana financial institution

    Genesis Analytics was asked to review the risk management operations of a financial institution in Botswana and to develop a risk management framework.


    An indicative/education tool on cost of banking regulation

    Genesis developed an indicative cost of regulation model for the South African banking sector to demonstrate how the bank regulations created a regulatory cost across specific products for the Banking Association South Africa (BASA).


    GIPS assessment and implementation plan for private clients

    Genesis was commissioned by a large African bank to perform a Global Investment Portfolio Standards (GIPS) assessment and implementation for the bank’s private clients. Phase 1 focused on providing guidance on GIPS requirements and performing a gap analysis. Phase 2 focused on the Implementation of solutions to become GIPS compliant.


    Reviews of Kenyan Treasury Operating Procedures

    Genesis was contracted to do a detailed analysis of all risk management and internal processes, policies, documentation and reporting relevant to the Treasury operations of a development finance institution in Kenya.

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