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Our goal is to recruit and build an exceptional cadre of professionals who are passionate about unlocking value on the continent. Successful candidates are placed into a niche practice area that best suits their skill set, interests and personal capability. We recruit at both a graduate (honours/masters) and experienced hire level.


Graduates and young professionals

A focal point of the Genesis strategy is to build exceptional economists in Africa to work on global projects. To do so, we recruit for and welcome young talent to join our firm and contribute to impactful project work. As a global firm, we hire candidates from both African and international universities. The recruitment processes follow the respective regions' timeframes, running from January-March for those following the Northern Hemisphere calendars, and from April-July for those studying at African universities.

Genesis also welcomes young professionals who may want to transition from a different work environment to consulting. While there is not a specific timeline for these applicants, the recruitment team is always open to receiving such profiles. Click on this link for more information

Experienced and project hires

There is an ongoing demand within Genesis for individuals with specific levels of experience and expertise. Opportunities exist for both long-term/permanent placement as well as project hires who are contracted to specific projects. Candidates can refer to the experienced or project hire pages for more information and to apply for available opportunities.

Opportunities at this level do not follow a set timeline. Instead, opportunities at this level are advertised when they become available on an ongoing basis. Additionally, each opportunity at this level will have a dedicated process designed to ensure the employment of best suitable talent in line with a global firm. Please navigate to the experienced and project hire tabs on our website that best suits your profile to learn more about current opportunities.

We offer bursaries and internships at Genesis Analytics

We also offer bursaries for South African economics students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue their studies to master’s level, as well as internships.

The junior recruitment process is primarily divided into three pools:

  • Graduates and Early Professionals

  • Bursars

  • Internships


Contractors and affiliate network

We understand that the answer to a complex problem sits with many people. Our project environment offers a vast array of exciting opportunities for independent consultants and freelancers to collaborate with our core teams. Additionally, where projects require unique skill sets, opportunities for multi-stakeholder input becomes necessary.

Genesis values an approach of agile, co-created solutions to complex problem solving in a non-standard environment. Through the contractor and affiliate network, a number of subject matter experts crowd-in a diversity of ideas, disciplines and skills contributing to the successful attainment of bespoke solutions from project teams.

To become a part of our affiliate network please click on this link to provide us with your details.

The ideal Genesis candidate

The ideal Genesis candidate carries a balanced combination of powerful intellect, strong technical skills, and a consulting character to match. Such candidates are:

  • Passionate, self-motivated and energetic problem-solvers
  • Value integrity and exhibit ethical behaviour
  • Are analytical thinkers and fast learners with an excellent academic record.

Meet the recruitment team


    Cobie Hönicke

    Experienced Hires Specialist

    ​Zandile Shabangu

    Grad Recruitment Specialist

    Karabo Nhlengetwa

    Recruitment Assistant

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