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Reports and other documents


    An introduction to our Financial Services Strategy practice

    Our Financial Services team has completed more than 600 projects across sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East since 2001. We work with leading financial institutions to address their challenges, unlock value for their stakeholders and shape the future of the industry. This is an overview of our work.


    Enhancing Access to Finance for EAC Women Cross-Border Traders

    Genesis undertook a diagnostic study to advance access to finance for women cross-border traders in the East African Community (EAC) and identify firm-level barriers that limit their bankability.


    An introduction to the Health practice at Genesis Analytics

    Our Health practice at Genesis celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2021. Download the brochure to read about our expertise and project experience. 


    Ugandan MSMEs offer a $8.8b market opportunity

    Uganda has a vibrant entrepreneurial business community with an estimated 1.1 million micro-, small-, and mediums-sized enterprises (MSMEs) across almost all sectors of the economy. To fully realise the potential of Uganda’s MSMEs, they require access to finance. 


    COVID-19 Special Public Health Surveillance Bulletin

    This report details the preliminary results of a COVID-19 healthcare utilisation and seroprevalence survey (HUTS study) from three communities in South Africa, and shows an overall SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence of 35.8% as of end January 2021. This suggests a substantial increase in seroprevalence during the second COVID-19 wave – most likely as a consequence of the greater transmissibility of the 501Y.V2 variant.


    Access to economic opportunity is essential for improving lives

    A vibrant private sector is key to economic development on the continent. Expanding access to economic opportunity is essential for improving lives and livelihoods, generating jobs and creating wealth. The private sector plays a leading role in delivering economic growth and is increasingly expected to do so in a way that is inclusive and sustainable.

    We work with companies, foundations, development finance institutions and donors to accelerate progress and alleviate poverty. To do so, we design, implement and evaluate private-sector led interventions that affect system-wide change to the benefit of those that are systemically excluded.


    Economic impact of a next-generation subsea internet cable on Africa

    What will be the economic impact of a next-generation subsea internet cable that will run along Africa's Atlantic Ocean coastline from Europe to Cape Town?

    Genesis was engaged with Africa Practice to analyse the economic impact of the increased international bandwidth arising from the installation of the cable in the three countries it will first land in. The Equiano cable is a next-generation subsea internet cable that will run along Africa's Atlantic Ocean coastline, connecting these regions to Europe (Portugal).

    The deployment of the cable has been funded by Google and is expected to land in Lagos (Nigeria), Swakopmund (Namibia) and Cape Town (South Africa) in 2022, and thereafter in seven additional countries.


    We work to maximise the social and economic impact of development efforts

    We work to maximise the social and economic impact of development efforts. As a trusted provider of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) services we combine our deeply rooted understanding of the African context with our extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methods to assess progress, measure value creation, and facilitate internal and external learning.

    Read more


    Infographic: The contribution of Airbnb to inclusive growth in South Africa

    To overcome South Africa’s triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment we need inclusive growth. Airbnb is one of the few positive examples of inclusive growth – that is a contribution to a growing economy where the benefits of growth are shared more widely.

    The report explores Airbnb’s contribution to inclusive growth in four ways:

    • Contribution to economy-wide growth (growth part of inclusive growth);
    • Lowering the barriers to tourism entrepreneurship for typically excluded groups (supply-side inclusion);
    • Enabling more South Africans to travel within their own country (demand-side inclusion);
    • As supply- and demand-side inclusion come together how is Airbnb dispersing the benefits of tourism geographically.

    Airbnb added R11 billion to the economy in 2019, and R8 Billion in 2020 - a crisis year for tourism. Moreover the benefits of this growth are increasingly inclusive. Download the infographic of the report and read the full report here

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