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Namibian bank revamps their offering to new segments

Genesis Analytics was commissioned by a large Pan-African bank operating in Namibia to assist in the development of its new student, young professional and staff value propositions.

The development of the staff value proposition involved a series of in-depth interviews with a hand-picked representative sample. The objective was to identify their issues with the current value proposition, as well as to solicit suggestions for improvements.

The process also uncovered added-value initiatives that the staff benefiting from, but which were not part of their employment packages. The project team supplemented this with best-practice research to design a compelling offering with a launch plan.

The development of the student and young professional value proposition also involved primary research. A random, survey-based interview was done for the students on universities campuses, while telephonic interviews were held with the young professionals. The information was then supplemented with international trends identified through desktop research to develop compelling and market appropriate propositions.

Genesis delivered three revamped value propositions the target segments, together with related business cases and implementation plans. This process was supported by presentations to the bank's key stakeholders and forums, including the product/segment management committee. Product enhancements were undertaken by the bank in line with the new value propositions.

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