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Our people

No two days are the same at Genesis. The broad scope of both our clients and expertise has taken us to 89 countries across the globe. We try to balance work with our lives, friends and families.

Our Stakeholder Report 2020

Biannually Genesis Analytics publishes a Stakeholder Report to update our clients, partners and other associates on the work of the firm. The report gives insight into our staff and our values, policies and activities.

Staff perspectives

Most of our work in Genesis touches on the major challenges of the day as we work with our clients on realising solutions. Here are a few of the recent articles by staff that have been published. More articles are under the News and Insight section on on the site.


    Youth wave meets tech revolution. And Africa writes a new chapter

    Prepared by Stephan Malherbe, CEO of Genesis Analytics and co-director of South Africa in the Digital Age (SADA), for ABSA at the World Economic Forum in Cape Town 2019.


    Stockpiling: is it really that irrational?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life as we know it. Perhaps the first behaviour to change was our shopping.


    Africa’s individual Covid-19 epidemics require unique responses

    Africa has just over 34,800 cases of Covid-19. While this is a large number, it pales in comparison with other regions of the world. It is increasingly important for African countries to assess their own epidemics, and not feel pressured to apply a “one size fits all” approach, no matter who is advising them


    Bridging the digital divide is crucial in the battle against Covid-19

    Any doubts as to the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic ended when South Africa went into a full-scale lockdown. Manager of Digital Economy team Mark Schoeman writes that none will feel it more than our country’s poor who do not have access to the digital coping strategies that are being put forward.


    Investments in EdTech: Looking beyond the COVID-19 lockdown

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption to education globally, forcing school systems across the world to close. As mitigation measures are considered to preserve education outcomes, the discussion has largely revolved around the role that education technology (EdTech) can play in enabling remote learning.


    Genesis launches two new ways to view the COVID-19 Epidemic

    Genesis Analytics has launched two important and useful new tools for looking at and understanding the Covid-19 epidemic. This comes amid daily predictions and models that tell us how severely the Covid-19 epidemic will become in South Africa, as well as the rest of the continent.

Members of our team

Stephan founded the firm and is the CEO. Mishkah chairs the operations committee. Ange leads the transformation committee with Bridget. Thabisile drives business development. Allison and Ndodzo run G:Soc, our work we do in the community. Richard is a director of the firm with Mike, who is also the COO.


    Stephan Malherbe

    Chair and founder (Competition and Regulatory Economics)

    Mishkah Jakoet

    Partner (Evaluation for Development)

    Ange Maseko

    Associate (Competition and Regulation)

    Bridget Dube

    Manager (Health)

    Thabisile Ntombela

    Senior Associate (Business Development)

    Allison Pieterse

    Associate (Health)

    Ndodzo Mawela

    Associate (Financial Services | Southern Africa)

    Richard Ketley

    Managing Partner and Director (Financial Services Strategy)

    Mike Olver

    Director and Chief Operating Officer

Life at Genesis

More of our team


    2020 end-of-year in Nairobi


    Heritage Day in South Africa (2020)


    Nairobi 20th celebration


    20th celebrations: Alumni and close associates


    20th birthday in Joburg

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