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Strategic due diligence

Strategic due diligence


Genesis has built substantial experience in conducting due diligence research to underpin and advise in a number of transactions across the financial services space, across geographies spanning Africa and the Middle East.

The acquisitions that we have consulted on vary considerably. We have advised donor organisations and global private equity firms as they have sought to acquire new and innovative players in the payments space, credit-rating agencies and even on social projects, such as those targeting housing and urban development. In addition, we have aided large commercial banks evaluate the appropriateness of acquiring operations such as additional retail banking offerings, while also advising governments that are restructuring and privatising state-owned banks by assessing their financial and managerial capabilities.



    Due diligence on third-party payment processor deal

    Genesis helped fill an information gap for an international private equity firm when it conducted a commercial due diligence assessment of a third-party payment processor (TPPP) in South Africa whose main business was processing insurance-premium payments. 


    Prospects for new Ethiopian mobile money operator

    Genesis was commissioned by an international private equity investor to conduct the commercial due diligence of an early-stage Ethiopian technology service provider.


    Impact due diligence on Egyptian financial institution investment

    Genesis was commissioned by a global development financial institution (DFI) to undertake an impact due diligence on prospective financial institution (FI) investment in Egypt.


    Genesis advises Carlyle Group on Africa deal

    Genesis provided commercial due diligence services to global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group on its investment into Global Credit Ratings (GCR), which serves 400 customers in 20 African countries.


    Due diligence of major SA credit firms

    An established private-equity investor asked Genesis to assess the strategies of two major South African credit services businesses – a credit bureau and a leading data-marketing services provider – as part of its buy-and-build investment into the industry. 


    Expert assessment of prospects for financial services merger

    Genesis was retained to provide an independent expert assessment of the proposed acquisitions and disposals between two financial services firms.


    Due diligence on debt-management firm

    Genesis was asked by a major private-equity firm to conduct a strategic due diligence of a South African debt-management company. It was interested in understanding the potential for growth and the regulatory trends in the debt-management industry. 


    Due diligence on challenger digital bank in South Africa

    Genesis was commissioned by a private equity investor to conduct a strategic due diligence for a South African digital bank ahead of a potential investment. 


    Strategic due diligence to refocus Ghanaian bank's business

    Genesis Analytics was commissioned by a private equity fund to conduct a strategic due diligence on a Ghanaian bank looking to transform into a more retail focused bank. 

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