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We are unlocking value for Africa’s future

what we do

Three forces of historic proportions are driving change in Africa: climate change, the global technology revolution and, above all, demographic change. As a result of the latter, Africa is now the main repository of the world’s youth. At Genesis we are dedicated to the future of the 300 million young people who live here: their economic prospects, and their health, education, psychological resilience and social cohesion. Their future requires building strong economies, markets that deliver value, and effective institutions underpinned by civic pride.

The three forces create tremendous opportunities – for countries, communities and companies. Rooted in Africa, we deploy an increasingly global team to identify and realise these opportunities. Our approach combines technical capability in pivotal disciplines and robust problem-solving with a deep understanding of context.

Our style of working is distinctive. We work collaboratively and with rigour. We like our solutions to have a creative, practical bent. We nurture in our staff the courage to speak truth to power. We aim to leave the individuals and institutions with whom we work stronger and more confident than they were before meeting us. We don’t pretend to have a lock on wisdom, but there is strength in our humility. We stay the course.

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How we've unlocked value for clients

Our purpose

Our purpose is to unlock value in Africa. We use our analytical capabilities to improve decision-making and, through better decisions, to unlock substantial value for our clients and society. While we are the largest economics-based consulting firm in Africa, we use a large number of techniques and approaches to achieve clarity for decision-makers.

We work across various domains.

Early specialisations were competition and regulatory economics, and then financial services strategy.

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