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By 2030 four in five children will be born in the Young World

what we do

In a world undergoing convulsive technological and political change, Genesis partners with key actors to deliver urgent, lasting impact in critical areas. Genesis, an impact consultancy founded, incorporated and headquartered in Africa, has worked in 52 African countries and more than 100 countries globally. Uniquely, Genesis is focused on the Young World – the arc of countries with young populations stretching across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and parts of Southeast Asia.

By 2030 four in five children will be born in the Young World, making this region central to the future. With growing markets and young, productive populations, Young World countries have the most positive potential trajectory in the world. It is here that investments of all kinds will have the highest social and economic returns. Read on here.

Our style of working is distinctive. We work collaboratively and with rigour. We like our solutions to have a creative, practical bent. We nurture in our staff the courage to speak truth to power. We aim to leave the individuals and institutions with whom we work stronger and more confident than they were before meeting us. We don’t pretend to have a lock on wisdom, but there is strength in our humility. We stay the course.

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Our purpose is to unlock value

We realise solutions and not just provide insights

Genesis Analytics is a truly 21st-century consultancy that blends human engagement and technology.

Critical to unlocking value at Genesis is the ability to convince people to act, as well as facilitating enabling environments for them to enact change. This requires a complex set of human skills to build coalitions, ecosystems, networks and a relationship-based approach to getting people to act intentionally on joint solutions.

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