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Prospects for new Ethiopian mobile money operator

Genesis was commissioned by an international private equity investor to conduct the commercial due diligence of an early-stage Ethiopian technology service provider.

The focus of the assignment was to assess Ethiopia's attractiveness as a market, identify the key drivers of the business and to provide a view on the sustainability of the business model over the medium term.

As this business is relatively at an early stage, operating in a developing market, the Genesis team developed a bespoke approach to analysing the business and providing a comprehensive assessment of the business model. The approach focused on developing a lifetime value model together with a comprehensive scalability model, based on the unit economics of the business's core products and services as well as a number of distinct customer profiles.

The team's assessment of the business highlighted strategic issues for the investment team and provided an independent view on the business's likely growth. Genesis was able to unlock additional value for the investment team by providing the basis for their investment and helping to inform their post-investment strategy.

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