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Damages and other litigation

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    Financial evaluation of third National Lottery applicants

    The Ministry of Trade and Industry brought in Genesis to conduct an independent and substantive evidence-based assessment of the financial and business models of the competing applicants.


    Assessment of damages in R1-billion claim

    Genesis provided an independent assessment of the appropriate damages quantum following the repudiation of an agreement between two large South African companies in the communications sector. The analysis was performed on behalf of the defendant in a claim that exceeded R1-billion.


    Expert evidence in dispute between Neotel and Broadband Infraco

    Genesis was contracted by Neotel, South Africa's second fixed-line operator, to provide expert economic evidence in a commercial dispute between Neotel and Broadband Infraco, a state-owned supplier of fixed-line infrastructure. The project team focused on the quantification of the financial amount claimed by Broadband Infraco from Neotel, which involved a determination of market-related wholesale rates for national long-haul routes in South Africa.


    Expert analysis on value of casino land claim

    Genesis was retained by Sun International (South Africa) to provide expert inputs in the context of a land claim against the Wild Coast Sun hotel complex.


    Genesis backs Minister of Labour on Section 32 of LRA

    Genesis was appointed on behalf of a number of bargaining councils and the Minister of Labour in a High Court matter concerning Section 32 of the Labour Relations Act, which permits the Minister, under certain circumstances, to extend a collective agreement to employers and employees who are not members of the bargaining councils. 


    Genesis supports minister on scrap metal pricing

    Genesis was commissioned by the Minister of Economic Development to defend a High Court application by the Metal Recyclers Association (MRA) to set aside a new policy directive affecting scrap metal pricing.


    Settlement in health damages claim

    Genesis was commissioned to quantify the potential damages in a counter-claim by a medical products distribution firm against a large supplier of medical products.  


    Advice in the ArcelorMittal-Kumba dispute

    Genesis was retained by the legal advisers to ArcelorMittal South Africa to assist in providing expert input on economic issues raised in litigation with Kumba Iron Ore over the transfer of mining rights and subsequent iron ore price hikes. Ultimately, a settlement was reached between the parties.


    Expert advice in clothing industry dispute

    In a High Court dispute between the National Bargaining Council for the clothing manufacturing industry and five clothing manufacturers, Genesis provided an expert economic opinion on the bargaining council system in South Africa and the welfare effects of extending collective agreements.


    Expert evidence on cost of damages in media case

    Genesis was commissioned to provide expert evidence relating to the quantification of damages resulting from the repudiation of a contract between two companies in the communications industry.


    Assessment of damages claimed by 3M South Africa

    Genesis was retained by a small healthcare products company, Bestcare, to assess the damages incurred following the termination of a supply contract by a large multinational supplier, 3M. The project team used before and after quantification techniques to determine the change in revenue that resulted from the termination of the contract for both private hospital supply contracts and public tenders. Through a careful financial analysis of the Bestcare’s cost structure, the team was also able to accurately determine potential cost reductions in order to quantify lost profits.  


    Genesis assists SAA, Comair in settling damages claim

    Genesis was retained jointly by South African Airways (SAA) and Comair to resolve a dispute relating to damages suffered by Comair as a result of travel agent incentive schemes implemented by SAA. 

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