Icasa employs Genesis to sharpen SA telecoms competition

Project name:
ICASA priority market study

Regulatory economics and accounting

Communications and Media

Area of Expertise:
Sector strategy and regulatory frameworks

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)

2016 ongoing

South Africa

The government’s vision for South Africa as set out in the National Development Plan (NDP) recognises the role of technology as a key enabler of economic activity: “By 2030, ICT will underpin the development of a dynamic and connected information society and a vibrant knowledge economy that is more inclusive and prosperous.” (National Planning Commission (2011), National Development Plan 2030: Our Future – Make it Work (“NDP”), p190)

Affordable access to broadband services was also highlighted in the National Broadband Policy - SA Connect. However, key telecommunications markets remain ineffective due to high prices (exemplified by the recent “DataMustFall” campaign), low access and competition complaints about the behaviour of dominant operators. As a result, the social and economic benefits envisaged by the NDP via ICT development have not come to full fruition. 

Having established a long-standing relationship with ICASA, Genesis Analytics has been retained by the regulator to assist with their Priority Market Study to identify key markets that are not characterised by effective competition and may require regulatory intervention to ensure that the goals of the NDP can be met.  

In particular, Genesis will identify the product and service markets in the telecommunications sector that are susceptible to ex-ante regulation and require prioritisation for regulation. Genesis will also consider possible pro-competitive remedies for the priority markets which have been identified.

A vital part of the project will involve engagement with key stakeholders in the telecommunications markets to understand the problems they are facing, which would lead to subsequent engagement with the regulator.

ICASA set to probe SA's high data costs


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