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Reports and other documents


    Beyond access: Case for gender- transformative financial inclusion

    Women continue to face a number of key barriers which perpetuate the gender gap in financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa. In a chapter (Beyond Access: Gender-Transformative Financial Inclusion in Agriculture and Entrepreneurship), co-authored by Genesis, we recommend a new gender-transformative approach to financial inclusion that is explicitly directed toward creating gender-equal financial systems.


    Future-proofing Mobile Financial Services: Cloud banking in Africa

    Director of our Financial Services Strategy practice, Richard Ketley, contributed a chapter on “Cloud Banking in Africa: The Regulatory Opportunity” in the first of Vodacom's Public Policy Series, called Future-proofing Mobile Financial Services. It was presented in Dar es Salaam in November 2019.


    Perspectives from SME banking leaders on trends and challenges

    Genesis was tasked with analysing the data from the IFC's global SME banking survey, providing insights on the challenges and dynamics of SME finance and exploring the future of SME banking and the trends that will shape the industry. This is the report.


    Our work in Youth and Technology: Download the ebooklet

    African is on the cusp of dramatic change. To unlock the value of the demographic dividend and the rise of the digital economy, we need holistic, integrated and context-appropriate solutions. At Genesis, we deliver these solutions - from strategy to programme design, implementation and research and evaluation - unlocking value across the full value chain.


    Debt amnesty doubts: Financial Mail studies Genesis report

    An impact study of the National Credit Act Amendment Act outlines how the law could backfire on consumers, with some unintended harmful consequences. This is a copy of the Financial Mail report (which cannot be linked due to their paywall).


    Our Agribusiness and Market Development practice

    Our Agribusiness, Climate Change and Market Development practice works across the design-and-implement project spectrum, combining deep technical expertise with context-specific knowledge and management.


    Read more about the work Genesis does in Infrastructure

    Infrastructure holds the key to development in Africa but there has been limited success in meeting the challenge. At Genesis Analytics we offer the tools and expertise to strengthen infrastructure planning, identify sources of finance and enable project development efficiently and effectively.


    Towards a digital workforce: The building blocks of Kenya's gig economy

    Gig work is gradually changing how Kenya’s workforce accesses jobs, and shifting the access of work opportunities from informal to digital platforms. But where does it leave 15-34 year-olds, who account for 84% of the unemployed in Kenya?


    Youth wave meets tech revolution. And Africa writes a new chapter

    Stephan Malherbe, CEO of Genesis Analytics and co-director of South Africa in the Digital Age (SADA), attended the 2019 World Economic Forum in Cape Town to participate in a panel on the impact of the 4IR on South Africa. This is an opinion piece he wrote before the event.

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