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Stephan Malherbe

Chair and founder (Competition and Regulatory Economics)

Stephan Malherbe founded Genesis Analytics in February 1998. He is currently the chair of the firm as well as a partner specialising in competition economics.

In 1997, Stephan played a key role in the design of South Africa's competition law framework. He has also provided expert competition analysis and advice in the steel, liquid fuels, gas, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, mining, financial services, air transport, beverages and other consumer goods industries. He has given expert economic evidence in a number of landmark competition cases and is a pioneer in the field of competition economics in India, where he opened the first firm dedicated to that area in 2010.

Beyond the scope of competition economics, Stephan has provided economic policy advice to a number of African countries at presidential level. He has made international contributions in the fields of capital markets development and corporate governance. He has also advised on the interaction between macroeconomic and financial sector policy, particularly in the context of financial crises.

His contributions on behalf of the business community during South Africa's constitutional development process in the 1990s led to greater constitutional protection of property rights and guaranteed central bank independence, as well as extending the protection of the Bill of Rights to businesses and other organisation.

He has a bachelor's degree and an LLB, both from the University of Stellenbosch. Thereafter, he studied Economics and Finance at Harvard University, receiving a master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government.


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