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Infrastructure holds the key to development in Africa but there has been limited success in meeting the challenge. At Genesis Analytics we offer the tools and expertise to strengthen infrastructure planning, identify sources of finance, and enable project development efficiently and effectively.

The development of infrastructure in South Africa often relates to key regulated sectors such as energy, which includes electricity, piped gas and petroleum pipelines. Genesis’s regulatory economics expertise in policy and regulatory design, regulatory accounting, and tariff determination is often an essential element in understanding and implementing infrastructure projects in these sectors.



    Demand for storage facility to serve the Manu River Union

    Genesis was contracted to undertake the final demand study for an inland storage distribution facility to serve the Manu River Union countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea as part of the due diligence required to finalise the financing arrangements for the facility in Liberia.


    Can investment in public sector infrastructure result in job creation?

    Genesis was appointed by the Jobs Fund within the Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC) – a repeat client – to conduct an impact evaluation on selected infrastructure investment projects. The assignment included a comprehensive review of the overall infrastructure investment portfolio consisting of nine projects in total.


    Early flood forecasting system for Incomati Basin

    Genesis was engaged as the financial and economic adviser on a three-year project to support a holistic flood risk mitigation system in the Incomati Basin. Our work was integral in establishing the need for an early warning flood forecasting system (EWFFS) and its requirements for financial sustainability.


    Genesis supports SADC water and infrastructure projects

    Genesis worked with the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF), a DFID-funded facility that prepares water and infrastructure projects across SADC, in the design and delivery of water infrastructure that fosters sustainable development of the region’s water, food and energy security.


    Securing water for Botswana

    Genesis leads the financial work stream on a project to assess the viability of constructing a scheme that will bring water from northern border of Botswana to the large demand centres in the south east.


    Facilitating LPG shipments to the Western Cape

    Genesis was retained by Avedia Energy, a firm involved in a wide range of LPG handling, trading and bottling activities, to assist in its contested application to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) for a licence to construct and operate an LPG storage facility in Saldanha in the Western Cape.


    National PPP policy for Seychelles

    Genesis was commissioned by the Investment Climate Facility to assist the Seychelles government in developing a legal and regulatory architecture to support PPPs in their country.


    Genesis is lead in hostel plan for 35000 Kenyan students

    Genesis was the lead partner in a consortium that has been retained to provide transaction advisory services for the development of hostels for 35000 students at five universities in Kenya.


    Procurement of new office space for metrology institute

    Genesis has been appointed by the National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) to undertake the function of project officer for the possible Public-Private Partnership (PPP) procurement of new office accommodation.

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