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National PPP policy for Seychelles

The Government of Seychelles developed a legal and regulatory architecture to support PPPs in their country, assisted by the Investment Climate Facility for Africa. Genesis was commissioned to provide the government and ICF specialised advisory services.

These services included:

  • An introduction to PPPs and assessment the application of different PPP models to infrastructure sub-sectors in Seychelles
  • Review of the legal and regulatory environment for PPPs
  • Review of previous PPP experience in Seychelles
  • Drafting of the National PPP Policy.

The policy was approved by the Cabinet and officially launched. Genesis has since provided basic PPP training for the government, with attendees from across public institutions.

In 2015 Genesis was retained to develop the draft PPP policy. The assignment involved a detailed needs assessment for PPPs in the country, key sectors where PPPs are most feasible and the development of a PPP policy for approval by the government.

The policy included the rationale for PPPs in Seychelles, key principles for implementing PPPs, and important PPP focus areas. Genesis was also responsible for proposing the institutional structure and appraisal guidelines required to effectively implement the PPP policy.

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