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Africa Fintech Partnership Accelerator (AFPA)

The Africa Fintech Partnership Accelerator (AFPA) is dedicated to supporting financial service providers in forming successful partnerships with each other. As a vital connector within Africa's financial sector, AFPA facilitates seamless collaboration, helping overcome traditional barriers to identifying and actualising partnership opportunities.

We specialize in identifying and fostering strategic partnerships that offer mutual benefits. Our comprehensive approach includes fintech strategy development, use case scoping, partner identification, due diligence, and project management support.

By joining the Africa Fintech Partnership Accelerator, you can access a continent-wide network of FSPs to enhance your product offering or reach.

AFPA Benefits

Who Can Join?

Are you a financial services provider operating in Africa? If so, AFPA is the perfect fit for you!

Join Africa’s Premier Network of Fintechs and Financial Institutions. 

Our services

Who can benefit?

Banks and other FSPs

We support banks and other FSPs in developing and implementing fintech strategies, fintech partner identification, and due diligence on fintechs.


AFPA can benefit fintechs by offering ease in partner identification. We also offer project management support, making the process of integration more efficient and seamless.

Governments and Regulators

Governments and regulators can draw on our expertise for the development of their national fintech strategy. We also provide market-specific insights relevant to understanding the fintech ecosystem.

Development Finance Institutions

DFIs can rely on our experience and contextual understanding of the African fintech landscape to better understand the market and develop tailor-made solutions for the African digital financial services industry.

Meet the team


    Richard Ketley

    Managing Partner and Director (Financial Services Strategy)

    Bavani Naidoo

    Partner (Financial Services Strategy)

    Tochukwu Egesi

    Manager: Payments (Financial Services | Portugal)

    Aashiq Jeeva-Patel

    Principal (Financial Services | Southern Africa)

    Daniel Ainebyona

    Analyst (Financial Services | East Africa)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Genesis Case Studies

Genesis Analytics is experienced in delivering partnership support, as demonstrated in the following case study examples from previous work.


    Strategy for mobile-wallet partnership opportunities in Africa

    Genesis Analytics was commissioned by a global card association to conduct a mobile-wallet partnership opportunity assessment across five countries, Ghana, Senegal, Madagascar, Cote d’Ivoire and Mauritius. This entailed assessing and mapping the payment landscape in each country and identifying key payment opportunities in the mobile money, card and digital payments space.


    Fintech payments and partnership strategy for Pan-African retail bank

    Genesis was commissioned by one of Africa's larger retail banks to identify opportunities for partnerships with fintechs across the continent. 

Contact us

Have Questions?

If you have any specific questions about the Africa Fintech Partnership Accelerator (AFPA), please don't hesitate to email us.

Please visit the Genesis Analytics homepage to discover our broader range of services.

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