The Climate-Smart Agriculture Education and Policy Project (CSEP) is an 18-month project funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Department (DFID) and implemented by Genesis Analytics in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Across the three countries, CSEP supports the development, finalisation and dissemination of climate-smart agricultural (CSA) education manuals. It also develops CSA frameworks and supports governments in their implementation. Implementation includes activities in establishing a well-functioning CSA unit engaged in new business development; proposal and project development across Ministries in collaboration with the National Designated Entity (NDE) and other relevant stakeholders.

Our focus areas

CSEP takes a two-pronged approach to improve the adoption of CSA practices. We focus on climate policy (CSA frameworks and global climate funding mechanisms) and climate education (CSA training manuals, agricultural education curriculum improvement and development of CSA centres of excellence)

Climate policy

Under the climate policy workstream, CSEP supports national governments with the finalisation and dissemination of climate-smart agriculture frameworks.

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Climate education

Under the climate education workstream, CSEP addresses the problem of agricultural students who have been trained on an outdated curriculum that does not integrate climate change in their countries.

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Our work on CSA

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