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Seed project increases Zimbabwean farmers' yields by 20%

In Zimbabwe there is an opportunity to expand sustainable, market-oriented models of seed production and supply that improve smallholder farmers’ access to seed appropriate to semi-arid areas.

Genesis was appointed by Vuna to work across a number of stakeholders - a partner private-sector seed company, government seed services, smallholder farmers, and other donor-funded projects - to coordinate the implementation of a community-level seed production and distribution model in semi-arid districts. The model also supported the adoption and use of climate-smart agriculture by the smallholder seed multipliers contracted to the partner seed company.

The business model has unlocked real value, including improving farmers’ access to climate-smart seed that can increase yields by as much as 20%, even if other conditions remain the same. About 1 500 seed multipliers contracted by the private seed company have diversified their cropping mix to include specialised seed production.

Farmer Yield and Income Assessment:


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