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Shared value and impact

Areas of Expertise


    Impact measurement

    Impact can be assessed for a company, an investment, a project, or a sector and is an important tool in strategy, project implementation, regulatory advocacy, staff motivation and reputation management.

    We are leaders in helping companies and investors conceptualise, measure and articulate the social, economic and environmental value created (or destroyed) by a company, sector or investment.


    Shared value and impact strategy

    As the world searches for a more inclusive form of capitalism, companies and investors need new commercial models and strategies with high positive social and environmental impact.

    We work with leading companies and investors to design societal strategies and business models, not as corporate charity, but at the commercial core of the business.

    In South Africa, we advise on meaningful transformation strategies including enterprise and supplier development, inclusive employment, and working with communities.


    Public policy

    We advise companies across the continent on public and governmental affairs. We help them to understand and navigate the political economy, and to craft positive public policy strategy, supported by strong technical research and positions.

    Public policy services include stakeholder mapping, policy and regulatory analysis, position papers, dialogue facilitation, and strategies for the mitigation of political, regulatory and legislative risk.

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