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Regulatory economics and accounting

Areas of Expertise

Tariff design and determination

We provide expert advice in assessing, and assisting to develop, tariff proposals by regulated firms using our in-house financial and regulatory accounting expertise. Our regulatory accounting services include the innovative design of appropriate regulated price remedies, the design of regulatory accounting reporting requirements to support those remedies and the determination of regulated prices themselves. 

We have expertise in:

  • The design of tariff methodologies for regulators
  • The determination of regulated prices 
  • International benchmarking assessments
  • Cost of supply studies for efficient tariff setting
  • The design of regulatory account reporting requirements to support price remedies
  • Communicating technical findings to stakeholders.

We also have extensive expertise in assessing and calculating the cost of capital, a key element in any regulated tariff.

Assessing the impact of regulatory decisions

We conduct ex-ante and ex-post impact assessments comparing the costs and benefits of regulatory decisions. We determine the efficiency and effectiveness of proposed regulation in terms of the impact on various stakeholders and the economy as a whole.

We have expertise in:

  • Market and situational analysis of the regulatory context
  • Analysis of the financial/economic cost and impact of regulation, including the effect on prices, profitability, and industry competitiveness
  • Assessment of the distributional impact of regulation on stakeholders
  • Compliance of regulation with existing legislation and policies
  • Development of alternative scenarios relating to costs and other variables
  • Public consultation and engagement with stakeholders.

Our offer is strategic: to review regulation and policy, develop insight into how each might affect the trajectory of regulated entities and related businesses, and to develop scenarios of impact that inform our clients’ choices.

Regulatory development and engagement support

The complexity of the financial sector is such that development and implementation of regulation requires significant engagement between the public and the private sector. Genesis’s offer to financial institutions and regulators alike is the provision of targeted research, stakeholder engagement and strategic support that assists in the engagement with specific regulatory outcomes.

Digital financial services

At Genesis we provide digital strategy support and advice to our clients looking to embark on a transformation journey, enter new markets with a digital proposition or optimise their existing strategy through better use of digital analytics.

We have a broad understanding of fintech innovation and keep abreast of developments across the financial service core competencies. These include payments, lending, deposit taking, investments, and wealth management and capital markets.

We have advised a number of financial institutions on their digital transformation journeys and have contributed to how policymakers can support and enable innovation that promotes improved access to finance while protecting consumers and ensuring the stability of the financial services sector.

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