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Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Areas of Expertise


    Programme and impact evaluation

    Genesis specialises in conducting evaluations of development programmes, including performance evaluations, process evaluations, mid-term evaluations, and final evaluations with the aim of providing reasoned and independent views of the progress achieved to date, as well as the identification of successes and challenges.

    We also conduct formative evaluations with the aim of providing strategic recommendations to improve programmes’ alignment to achieve/realise the desired outcomes. Genesis is inherently invested in ensuring that evaluations are of a high quality, are useful and value-adding to the needs of all stakeholders, and that there is local ownership of the evaluation process and subsequent findings.


    Monitoring and results measurement systems

    Genesis works with and empowers organisations to define their theory of change, monitor their progress towards their ultimate objectives, and make better, evidence-based decisions.

    We adopt a results-based management approach, which ensures that M&E processes are embedded in programme implementation and decision-making. This ensures that emerging lessons can immediately be fed back to programme decision-makers, who can make adjustments that improve the programme’s ultimate value and impact.


    Integrated monitoring, evaluation and learning

    Genesis also offers integrated monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) within a programme with the opportunity of addressing any implementation challenges as and when they arise, rather than just at discrete points in programme implementation.

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