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Areas of Expertise


    Research, monitoring and evaluation

    We design and implement a variety of research projects - from national household surveys to discrete and focused programme reviews or process evaluations. Our researchers have decades of experience in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, and of applying these in a practical way, which ensures that our findings can be confidently used by the commissioning companies and organisations.

    We work with clients on the design of appropriate evaluations for their programmes, using robust methods and a cost-effective approach. We also work with clients to develop user-friendly M&E frameworks and plans, and find ways to represent routinely collected data to encourage better decision making.


    Behavioural sciences

    Insights from behavioural sciences foster an understanding of human behaviour within given contexts that allow us to design systems or interventions that result in behaviour change. The behavioural sciences is an umbrella term that draws on psychology, anthropology, cognitive science, behavioural economics (BE), and social and behavioural change communication (SBCC). Our work builds on the evidence base provided by behavioural sciences and applies it to effect behaviour change in wide-ranging contexts or settings. We use our deep sector expertise and experience in applying behavioural sciences insights to influence behaviour through communication, interventions, processes and systems. We design and deliver human-centred systems and processes, and effect scalable, sustainable behaviour change along the full impact pathway.


    Health economics and costing

    Sustainable financing and the achievement of value for money in health interventions are increasingly recognised as key pillars in achieving the sustainable development goals for health and universal healthcare. At a time when many countries face large cuts to donor funding and competing demands for domestic resources, we provide technical support to decision makers in navigating this new reality.


    Sustainable health systems

    When already strained health systems are hit with unforeseen circumstances, such as COVID-19, we demonstrate our flexibility and technical expertise to help our clients redesign and adapt programmes and systems for resilience and sustainability.

    Strengthening health systems involves managing various stakeholders, building capacity, and preparing for unexpected circumstances. It also means working on longer-term projects with an array of different components. Our technical and strategic expertise has thus prepared us to navigate not only existing programmes but other aspects of public health through times of uncertainty.

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