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Review of plan to grow skills in energy sector

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is implementing the Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (SEED) programme, with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and Virgin Unite.

The SEED programme provides research, strategic advisory, and capacity development services to governments, donors and private sector players. The purpose of these activities is to build high-level technical knowledge and skills within the energy sector, inform and drive financial investments, and identify opportunities for growth and the redirection of efforts.

Through this systemic approach, RMI SEED aims to accelerate electrification, energy access and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa. The project’s vision is to improve people’s lives through sustainable economic development, while addressing the need to mitigate climate-change impacts.

Genesis Analytics was contracted by RMI to conduct a programme evaluation of the relevance, effectiveness, expected impact and long-term sustainability of the SEED programme. The purpose of the evaluation was to inform the programme’s strategy going forward and provide recommendations for the development of the programme.

More about the programme

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