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    Return to Sender: Financial inclusion on wrong track?

    Postbank (South Africa) has recently been granted a banking licence. Considering the persistent financial woes of the South African Post Office, which reported R1.49 billion in losses in the 2015 financial year, will Postbank’s new activities be a step towards recovery or exacerbate the losses? 


    Ghana: A Rising (Black) Star?

    With the 2016 Ghanaian general election fast approaching, the Bank of Ghana (BoG) sought to limit the government’s borrowing with the BoG Amendment Bill. The bill, which was blocked in July, was an attempt to break Ghana’s past cycle of election induced spending, inflation surges and currency collapses.


    The end is naira

    The Economist’s blog recently ran an article on Nigeria’s Eurobond negotiations under the title ‘The end is naira’, highlighting the travails of the economy and the hapless mismanagement of the naira.


    Damages: Counting the costs

    In the wake of collusion findings against a number of construction companies, momentum is now growing to bring damages claims against these firms.


    Banking risk in the digital age

    Genesis highlights its partnership with Parker Fitzgerald this month by sharing an article on digital risk from their Quarterly Outlook.


    The limits of mobile money

    Every bank and investor in financial services faces difficult choices when it comes to mobile financial services. 


    Beware of the jaws: Banking in Africa in 2016

    2016 will prove to be a watershed for many of Africa’s banks as their growth disappears along with many of the normal sources of dollar earnings. 


    Genesis Analytics in 2016

    The year 2016 promises to be a challenging time in South Africa and beyond. Yet we have elected to continue to grow Genesis this year by investing in strong professionals, technical leadership and new areas.

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