Genesis to test HIV awareness in South Africa

The Centre for Communication Impact (CCI) has commissioned Genesis Analytics to evaluate the ‘Testa Boy’ campaign and establish a baseline assessment of the knowledge and awareness of HIV viral load and treatment literacy among men and women in South Africa

South Africa has made significant progress in expanding access to HIV testing services, yet uptake seems to be substantially lower by men than women. To address this CCI launched the ‘Testa Boy’ campaign under their Brothers for Life brand. 

The campaign, which is aimed at men and women between 18 and 34 years but particularly men at high risk, promotes the benefits of HIV testing under the slogan “Negative or Positive, you are the same person, Testa Boy”.

The Genesis Health team will draw on their experience with social and behaviour change communication and their expertise in evaluation to conduct a nationwide household survey of 3000 respondents. The results will be shared with the Department of Health, CCI, USAID and other organisations that work in the field of HIV prevention and support. Findings will be used to develop future communication campaigns on HIV.

Campaign does improve men's perceptions on HIV testing