Campaign does improve men's perceptions on HIV testing

Project name:
Impact evaluation of the Testa Boy campaign and baseline assessment on the knowledge of HIV testing and treatment among men and women in South Africa

Behavioural Science


Area of Expertise:
Evaluation & impact assessment

Centre for Communication Impact


South Africa

Genesis Analytics was contracted by the Centre for Communication Impact to evaluate the impact of CCI’s Testa Boy campaign. The campaign aims to address the slow uptake of HIV testing among men. It promotes the benefits of testing under the slogan: “Negative or positive, you are the same person, Testa Boy.”

The campaign was announced nation-wide on TV, radio, outdoor media, film and internet-based media.  Reports of campaign ambassadors were written and posted through videos on YouTube, and promoted on social media. Billboards featuring the campaign ambassadors were placed in 61 locations. 

Genesis, in partnership with Freshly Ground Insights (FGI), conducted face-to-face interviews with 3 000 South Africans aged 18-34.

Our evaluation showed that the Testa Boy campaign improved perceptions among men who tested for HIV, as well as actual testing behaviour. Those who were exposed were 50% more likely to agree that men who tested for HIV were regarded as strong and responsible. Those exposed were also 40% more likely to have had HIV testing in the past 12 months. The study found that men were 60% more likely to be tested if five or more of their friends had also tested for HIV.

These findings highlight the value of campaigns to improve perceptions about HIV testing and promote behaviour change. 

The advert that has been used in the campaign 


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