Genesis Analytics becomes first Africa-based affiliate of Shared Value Initiative

Johannesburg, South Africa –
Genesis Analytics has been signed on as the only African-based affiliate of the Shared Value Initiative’s Consulting Affiliate Network, the world’s leading shared value practitioners’ network.
With offices in Johannesburg and Nairobi, Genesis Analytics is the largest economics-based consultancy in Africa, with 85 consultants advising governments, private firms, and the international donor community on business strategy, economic development, and public policy issues. The firm was founded in 1998.
The shared value practice at Genesis Analytics was established in 2015 to meet the growing demand from corporate clients for strategic advice on achieving better financial and societal returns, measuring societal returns more accurately, and managing external societal relationships strategically.
Ryan Short, head of the shared value practice and Consulting Affiliate Network member, explains: “There is no doubt that a company’s relationship with society has become a key determinant of corporate value. At risk are credibility with consumers, regulatory permissions, and social licence to operate. On the positive side, understanding societal need and building better partnerships with stakeholders can spark new models, products, and revenues.” 
He sees strong prospects for shared value in Africa. “Africa is a perfect laboratory for shared value business ideas. We have rapidly growing business markets in societies facing many challenges.  Shared value is an important framework for turning socio-economic deficits into good business.”
“It helps to close the circle with the international development agenda of inclusive business and brings the language of development into one familiar to CEOs and investors rather than aid experts.”
Creating Shared Value is a business concept established in 2011 by renowned business strategist Professor Michael Porter and Mark Kramer. The Shared Value Initiative was established to promote the adoption and implementation of shared value strategies by organisations around the world.
The shared value approach proposes that companies, through their core business operations, rather than CSI, can and should create commercial value and societal value.
Founder and Chairman of Genesis Analytics, Stephan Malherbe says: “The societal purpose of Genesis is to unlock value in Africa by helping leaders to make better decisions. We see a direct link between Genesis’ purpose and shared value, which at heart is a way to unlock value for companies and society simultaneously.”
 “As the world’s leading shared value practitioners’ network, we are delighted to be an affiliate of the Shared Value Initiative, and hope we can add much learning to the network about the exciting business models that are being rolled out in Africa” said Malherbe.
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About Genesis Analytics

Genesis Analytics is the largest economic-based firm in Africa. The consultancy is based in Johannesburg with its East African business based in Nairobi.
Genesis advises governments, companies, and international donors on economic development, business strategy, competition and regulation, and corporate societal relations. The firm has worked in 23 African countries and its clients include presidencies, governments, aid agencies, foundations, and a wide variety of multinational companies. In South Africa, Genesis has advised16 of the largest 20 companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
Genesis is respected for high-quality research, economic rigour, an understanding of both private and public sectors, and high standards of ethics and professionalism.