Genesis team wins two evaluation awards

With Dr Nonceba Mashalaba (the dti), Dr. Ian Goldman (Head of Evaluation and Research Unit, DPME) and Jabu Mathe (Director, ERU, DPME)

With Dr Nonceba Mashalaba (the dti), Dr. Ian Goldman (Head of Evaluation and Research Unit, DPME) and Jabu Mathe (Director, ERU, DPME)

The M&E team has won two National Evaluation Plan awards from the South African Presidency in recognition of evaluations that it did for the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti).

The awards are given by the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency for evaluations ‘whose evidence contributed towards improving government performance, or which were assessed to be of good quality and have a potential to be instrumental in improving government performance’. Both awards were presented to Cabinet.

The first award was for the Implementation Evaluation of Business Process Services (BPS) Incentive Scheme and the second was for the Implementation/Impact Evaluation of Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII).

Held every two years, the awards are used as an incentive to encourage government departments’ participation in evaluations. By highlighting the role that evaluations can play in fostering learning and facilitating continuous improvement, it is hoped government departments will begin to see their value, instead of it being perceived as a compulsory audit, or meaningless compliance requirement.

A category one award is for an evaluation that is used and presented to Cabinet.

"We’re extremely proud to have received this recognition," says Genesis partner Alyna Wyatt. "We are fully invested in supporting the DPME’s efforts to strengthen the evaluation system in South Africa”.

“Working with the dti has proven to be successful as they are open to the evaluation process including the recommendations for improvement.  Knowing that there are substantial changes and hopefully improvements in service delivery is extremely fulfilling for the team.”

The Genesis team shared the award with the dti and, in both cases, the recommendations made in the team’s report were accepted and the relevant programmes were revised with the approval of Cabinet.

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