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Who we are

In a world undergoing convulsive technological and political change, Genesis partners with key actors to deliver urgent, lasting impact in critical areas.

Genesis, an impact firm founded, incorporated and headquartered in Africa, has worked in 52 African countries and more than 100 countries globally. Uniquely, Genesis is focused on the Young World – the arc of countries with young populations stretching across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and parts of Southeast Asia. 

By 2030 four in five children will be born in the Young World, making this region central to the future. With growing markets and young, productive populations, Young World countries have the most positive potential trajectory in the world. It is here that investments of all kinds will have the highest social and economic returns.

Our job at Genesis is to help societies, governments and businesses across the Young World succeed at three fundamental historic transitions:


To do this work, we are building a new type of impact firm. These are three ways in which Genesis works differently:

  • We combine global reach and country depth. More than 80% of our staff live in our impact countries, and bring deep knowledge and networks to bear on our work. Change happens at a country level, but needs to be informed by global conditions.
  • We work pro-actively. We identify transformative opportunities to unlock social value. Then we cooperate to marshal the funding, technology and alignment required.
  • We blend human engagement and technology to overcome barriers and achieve scale. We have a proven ability to build coalitions for change, find joint solutions, and sustain peer-to-peer learning. Our engagement processes are backed by on-point analytics utilising sophisticated primary data capabilities that we have inside Genesis.

Our Expertise 

We have expertise in behavioural sciences; competition economics and regulation; climate finance; the digital economy and regulation; economic impact assessment; financial services strategy; human development; monitoring, evaluation and learning; public health and financing; shared value and corporate impact; and youth employment. Some of our best work has been through combining our complementary areas of expertise to find fresh solutions.

Our clients include all levels of government, corporates and banks, development agencies, multilateral organisations, foundations, regulators and law firms.

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