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James Bernstein

Financial Risk Management

James Bernstein has been the head of the Risk Management in the Financial Services Strategy practice since 2014. He has three decades of experience of working at various banks in London, New York and Johannesburg. His areas of expertise are risk management, financial regulation, and capital and portfolio management.

James was previously with Grey Matter Thinking, where he consulted in financial risk management, and provided both in-house and public training courses on risk and regulatory requirements. Before that, he worked in risk and capital management for Absa Capital, Nedbank and Standard Bank, and has also worked in London for Morgan Stanley, Bankers Trust and ING Barings. He also lectures in portfolio management at the University of the Witwatersrand and in Economics for Business to MBA students at the Wits Business School.

James holds a master's in Economics from London University and a bachelor's in Economics from the University of California.


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