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Ian Macauslan

Partner (Human Development)

Ian Macauslan is a partner in the Human Development practice. He joined Genesis in 2021 and has worked in Africa, the Middle East and Asia to improve human development outcomes.

He has worked with governments, non-government organisations, development partners and foundations to improve social services to marginalised groups, particularly those in education and social protection. He supports human development clients to deliver improved outcomes through better strategies, people and organisational performances, crisis management, use of technology, and monitoring, evaluation, research and learning.

Ian has focused on improving assessment systems, teacher training and the role of the private sector in education. He has done so with appropriate use of technology in human development, the use of evidence for strategy and delivery in social sectors, through access to social services by displaced populations, the role of politics in the social sectors, and organisational and system-wide adaptations to crises, including Covid-19.

Before joining Genesis, Ian was an education adviser for the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in Myanmar, helping the embassy adapt its overall strategy and education programmes to Covid-19 and the military coup.

He previously spent 13 years at Oxford Policy Management, where he led the education team for seven years. He served on its board of directors, was a senior consultant in social protection, and led the consultant development programme. He was based in the UK, Myanmar and India, and helped found the India office. Ian is a founding trustee of the Mark Evison Foundation, which helps bring out the best in young people in the UK.

Ian has a master’s in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies and a bachelor’s in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Balliol College, Oxford. He publishes and presents extensively on human development.


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