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Donna Podems

Associate Evaluation Facilitator

Dr Donna Podems is an associate evaluation facilitator in the Evaluation for Development practice.

She is a researcher, facilitator, author, and monitoring and evaluation specialist with experience in designing and reviewing evaluation methodologies for a range of international programmes, as well as conducting implementation, outcome and impact evaluations.

She has worked for USAID, UKAID, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mastercard Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, multiple UN organisations, African Development Bank, World Bank, and local non-profits, among others. She has worked in over 25 countries.

She is the co-lead for a global effort to professionalise evaluation, under the umbrella of IOCE (International Operation for Cooperation in Evaluation). She was the chair of the international working group of the American Economic Association and is AEA’s national representative to the IOCE. She has published multiple papers, books chapters, books and journal articles. She is on the editorial board of the American Journal of Evaluation.

She holds a doctorate in interdisciplinary studies focused on programme evaluation and organisational development, and a master’s in Public Administration. She has written two books, one focused on democratic evaluation and the other on being an evaluator. She has worked with governments, civil society, non-governmental groups, international donors and foundations.


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