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Infographic: The contribution of Airbnb to inclusive growth in South Africa

To overcome South Africa’s triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment we need inclusive growth. Airbnb is one of the few positive examples of inclusive growth – that is a contribution to a growing economy where the benefits of growth are shared more widely.

The report explores Airbnb’s contribution to inclusive growth in four ways:

  • Contribution to economy-wide growth (growth part of inclusive growth);
  • Lowering the barriers to tourism entrepreneurship for typically excluded groups (supply-side inclusion);
  • Enabling more South Africans to travel within their own country (demand-side inclusion);
  • As supply- and demand-side inclusion come together how is Airbnb dispersing the benefits of tourism geographically.

Airbnb added R11 billion to the economy in 2019, and R8 Billion in 2020 - a crisis year for tourism. Moreover the benefits of this growth are increasingly inclusive. Download the infographic of the report and read the full report here


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