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Guidance for selecting methods and tools for HIV economic studies

Genesis was awarded a contract to undertake a number of learning activities that will improve countries to accurately cost their HIV programmes, using national data systems, and interpret existing cost data, thereby enabling more effective planning, budgeting and ongoing decision-making.

From this work, Genesis produced guidance which enables users to select a costing methodology or tool which can assist policy makers and planners in finding the most appropriate costing method and tool for HIV and health programme financial planning. Download Guidance for selecting methods and tools for HIV economic studies here.

Users who wish to comment on the inclusion or exclusion of tools in this guide can contact Genesis at elises@genesis-analytics.com.

A condensed version of the guide can be found here: Annexure 1: Reference Guide for considering study types, methods and tools for HIV economic questions.

Read more about the project: Improving the accurate costing of HIV programmes in Africa here.


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