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Supporting health financing reform in Africa with ALM

Progress in health outcomes in Africa depends on increasing sustainable resource mobilisation. In 2019, the African Union and the Government of the Republic of Rwanda launched a landmark commitment to health financing reform through the Africa Leadership Meeting – Investing in Health.

The ALM is tasked with developing tools and mobilising African governments to increase domestic investments in health.

The ALM has designed a number of high-impact initiatives to spearhead health-financing reform on the continent, which the Human Development team has been supporting. Drawing on the team’s extensive knowledge and experience working within health financing, we provided lead technical, analytical and secretarial inputs to two of the ALM’s work streams:

  • The creation of a Health Financing Tracker is a process- and action-orientated reporting tool. It tracks step-by-step progress in health financing within countries of the African Union across four parameters - more money for health, more health for the money, efficiency and effectiveness, and equity.
  • The development of the regional health financing hubs, regional policy interventions that support countries in managing reform processes, access support, and coordinate development partner engagement.

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