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Strengthening HIV prevention through facilitated South-to-South learning 

Genesis, in partnership with the University of Manitoba, is supporting the Global HIV Prevention Coalition (GPC) to establish and strengthen shared learning of best practice among 15 African countries heavily burdened by HIV. This is facilitated through the South-South Learning Network (SSLN), a GPC initiative.

The SSLN aims to strengthen country HIV prevention programmes through shared learning of good country practices. The network provides countries with a platform to gain experiential knowledge from peers, harness and share good prevention learnings, and inform grant-making and technical assistance needs. This engagement empowers countries to adapt interventions to the unique African context. This phase of the network seeks to establish a proof of concept and therefore focuses on a limited number of countries and technical areas, including condoms and key populations (KPs).

Genesis’s role

A project team, which includes experts in HIV prevention from the University of Manitoba, pilots this learning network for prevention managers and implementers across 10 African countries. Through the SSLN, we engage with key country stakeholders, including government officials, members of national AIDS councils, civil society, programme implementers and development partners.

To identify learnings on good prevention practice, countries are assisted by the project team to complete HIV prevention self-assessment tools (PSAT) for each HIV prevention pillar they form part of – either condoms, key populations, or both. The completed self-assessment tool provides detailed insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the current condom and key population programmes, which in turn feed into country learning agendas, plans of action and technical assistance plans.

The SSLN will facilitate meaningful engagements between and across countries and technical areas through carefully constructed webinars, capacity-building sessions, site visits and regional workshops. Countries will also be supported in documenting and disseminating programme best practice.

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