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Strategy update to take Pan-African bank to 2020

Following on a previous project to develop medium-term strategy for a major Pan-African financial services institution based in Botswana, Genesis was recommissioned to evaluate the bank’s progress and develop a strategy to take it through to 2020.

The project team used both a desktop- and workshop-based approach, initially reviewing progress through an analysis of the bank’s financials and management reports.

A full-day workshop with the management team was then used to pinpoint the key areas that the bank needed to focus on in order to achieve its objectives.

The output of the project was a revised strategy road-map outlining key initiatives that the bank will need to focus on in the medium term. Among other things, the bank will need to revise its segment-based value propositions in the retail space, work on its organisational culture and renew its focus on core business lines.

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