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Setting the baseline study for global digital development

Description Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), an independent organisation established to engage and resolve barriers associated with integrating digital development and data in developing and emerging nations, engaged Genesis to undertake a global baseline study.

The purpose of the study was to inform DIAL’s results framework indicators and to provide additional insight into the experiences and interactions of these stakeholders. The focus of the study was on funders, technology specialists, governments, NGOs and implementers.

Through a robust methodology that included the use of an online survey distributed via various social media channels and an extensive key informant interview process, data was gathered and several general themes emerged from the findings.

These included an observed typology of ICT4D, gaps in funding for digital services, factors influencing the design of digital solutions, gaps in various actors’ capacity to use digital data and technology, and stakeholders’ awareness of, and experiences in implementing, the Principles for Digital Development.

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