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Real-time system to update customer information for major FSP

Genesis Analytics assisted in the development and assessment of a new, face-to-face, system-driven, financial advice process that involved real-time information updating on customers.

This involved a rigorous behavioural approach to testing and analysing the impact on market perceptions.

The company engaged Genesis Analytics to:

  • encourage customers to consent to rigorous information updating, and equip advisers to navigate the various conversations that may result; and
  • develop and implement a testing approach, enabling accurate measurement of the impact on perceptions.

Genesis Analytics gathered insights from a range of qualitative and quantitative sources to design a behaviourally informed advice conversation. Genesis Analytics then replicated the proposed system functionality in a paper environment, working carefully to ensure that advisers had all the necessary customer data and were comfortable with the process.

The pilot testing and analysis, conducted across three major provinces, was a huge success and the results were overwhelmingly positive: customers were willing to provide consent and brand perceptions improved.

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