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Pilot decreases disinvestment outflows by 43%

With a focus on retention, Genesis worked with a large international investment company to decrease outflows across the disinvestment value chain using the principles of behavioural economics.

The work focused on optimising the existing process by applying behavioural insights to all possible direct channel communications, as well as other customer touch points.

Following a robust research phase, the team gathered a number of important insights regarding customer decisions. Based on these insights, the team redesigned all communications across the value chain, focusing on contact-centre scripting, outbound emails and forms.

These communications were tested in a live environment through the customer contact centre over six weeks.

Overall, the pilot resulted in a 43% decrease in the volume of disinvestments across the full value chain. This translated into a 35% decrease in the value of outflows.

The new process had a large positive impact on the distribution of applied-for transactions. Qualitatively, customers showed a willingness to engage in the process and an interest in learning about the available options.

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