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Pricing study for private eye care practice

Genesis was contracted to evaluate the baseline cost structures and practice operations for a private healthcare group, determine whether global fees for disease management appropriately recover their costs, and to assist with pricing strategy and evaluation.

The client is a private healthcare group based in Gauteng that strives to provide high quality, cost effective eye care using a suite of cutting edge technology.

Genesis started by conducting a full baseline audit of the practice, including assessment of services offered, patient profiles, staff time, consumables, equipment and overheads. The data were used to develop a model which evaluates potential growth strategies for the company by projecting capacity utilization, costs, revenue and profitability for different input scenarios.

As part of their continued growth, the practice is meeting with major medical schemes to negotiate global fees for selected patient diagnoses.

Genesis quantified potential fees, based on modelling to optimize cost savings for the medical schemes, growth for the practice, and most importantly to provide quality services and outcomes to patients.

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