Partners with Rockefeller on Digital initiative

Project name:
Monitoring and Evaluation of Digital Jobs Africa

Monitoring and evaluation

Youth economic opportunities

Area of Expertise:
Ongoing support as a learning partner

Rockerfeller Foundation

2016 - ongoing

South Africa

Africa’s populations are growing at a rapid pace and job opportunities are not keeping up with the growth, particularly among the youth. Youth unemployment is increasingly a challenge in many African countries and South Africa is no exception.

To overcome this The Rockefeller Foundation launched the Digital Jobs Africa (DJA) initiative in 2013 to catalyse new, sustainable employment opportunities and skills training for African youth, with a focus on the ICT sector. The goal of the DJA is to influence change in business practice by demonstrating the value of impact sourcing and contribute to the social and economic well-being of the youth and their circle of influence.

In order to influence change in business practices, the DJA needs to identify and showcase the benefits of impact sourcing to increase commitment to this among new corporate partners. Genesis has been contracted to fulfill this objective as the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) partner for the DJA.

Additionally, Rockefeller aims to pursue a results-based management approach to the management of the DJA, where on-going learnings are fed back into the initiative’s design and implementation to maximise its effectiveness and impact. Ensuring that this approach is achieved by the initiative is the mandate of the M&E partner. Rockefeller aims to promote accountability of the initiative’s disbursements, which is the final objective of the M&E partner.


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