Strategic plan for a large Tanzanian financial institution

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Medium-term strategic plan for a large Tanzanian financial institution

Financial institution expertise

Financial services strategy

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Retail banking
Corporate and investment banking
Business banking

A large Tanzanian commercial bank



Genesis was commissioned by a large Tanzanian financial institution to conduct a market opportunity analysis and strategic review of its business with a view to defining its medium-term strategy through to 2020. 

A four-step looped strategy framework was adopted as the approach and involved defining the bank’s objectives, outlining the market opportunity, developing the strategy and ending off by aligning the overarching operating model. 

The first step involved extensive workshops with the management team to outline the objectives of the institution through to 2020. The opportunity analysis focused on understanding the institution's current focus and target market, after which we studied the Tanzanian market to outline the various opportunities that would exist going forward. 

With an understanding of what the future opportunities would be, a strategy for the institution was developed outlining the key capability improvements that would be required. The final step involved the Genesis team developing an implementation plan for the institution to follow with a set of initiatives for the short, medium and longer term.

The outcome of the engagement concluded with the Genesis team presenting the new medium-term strategy to the institution’s management team and finally the board. With board approval, the strategy was implemented.


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